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For Immediate Release: 

click to read AGGRESSIVE ’08 GROWTH ON BOPSTAR BABY AGENDA Now Two Years Old, The Original Is Still the Best (May 2008)
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click to read BopStarBaby LAUNCHES Baby2Be for Expectant Celebrity Parents (Sept.2007)
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Press Release Archive: 

click to read A SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY BopStarBaby Celebrates First Birthday with Expanded Agenda for 2007
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Official BopStarBaby Provider:

October 2007 –   BopStarBaby is pleased to welcome The Container Store as the official basket provider for all the BopStarBaby celebrity gift baskets.  Their participation includes:

Baby2Be Baskets: Deep Sweater Box
BabyMakes3 Baskets: Jumbo Box
BopStarBaby, Big Brother/Big Sister:  Sweater Box
BopStarBaby, Annual Holiday Baskets: Deep Sweater & Sweater Box
BopStarBaby, Mail room: Sweater Box, Men’s Shoe Box, Shoe Box

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